Researcher, Should This Exist

New York, United States


About WaitWhat

WaitWhat is a media invention company committed to the creation of highly-differentiated, premium content that is gender-balanced and diverse in its subject profiles, and boundary-breaking in its formats. Founded in 2017 by former TED execs June Cohen and Deron Triff, whose combined leadership built TED Talks from a concept to 1 billion views/listens each year, WaitWhat’s inaugural media properties include the critically acclaimed Sincerely, X, the 2018 Webby Award-winning podcast Masters of Scale, and Should This Exist, an exciting new podcast hosted by Silicon Valley investor and Internet pioneer Caterina Fake.

In everything we create, we aim to elicit contagious emotions: awe, wonder, curiosity, and mastery. From the get-to, we design our media to live across many different forms and formats (audio, video, virtual, live, print, etc.) in order to scale as thriving independent businesses.

We are a joyful startup that has closed our Series A funding in January 2019. We’re now building out a team that’s as diverse as it is creative, brought together by the desire to create amazing media experiences. We’re channeling our energy to fulfill what we believe is the greatest, often unspoken, need of our time: to feel lit up and alive. Everything we produce will have those “Wait, what?’ moments that spark your curiosity and change your understanding of the world.

About Should This Exist?

It’s the question of our times: How is technology impacting our humanity? On the Should This Exist? podcast we invite creators of radical new technologies to set aside their business plan, and think through the human side: What is the technology’s fullest potential? And what could possibly go wrong?

Show host Caterina Fake (founder of Flickr, Partner at Yes VC) drops listeners into the minds of today’s edgiest entrepreneurs and guides them through the journey of foreseeing what technology might do to us, and for us.


We are searching for a researcher to come onboard and support Season 2 of the podcast Should This Exist? The researcher will play a crucial role in the pre-production for the show, and will be responsible for:

Researching cutting-edge technologies to shape upcoming episodes of Should This Exist?

  1. Identify cutting-edge technologies that have huge potential to change the course of humanity in good ways and bad
    1. Highlight themes, innovations and provide a clear breakdown of major considerations that people in the field are thinking about for each technology/group of technology.
    2. Examples could be: space colonization, direct-to-consumer medicine, brain-computer interface technology, etc. There are tons of exciting developments across a range
  2. With each cutting-edge technology (e.g. brain-computer interfaces) the researcher will be responsible for:
    1. Identifying 4-6 pioneering and super interesting entrepreneurs/companies who are pushing the technology forward in meaningful, high-impact, surprising and maybe even controversial ways.
    2. Clearly breaking down, in writing:
      1. What the technology does
      2. How the works
      3. How far along is the technology in development? How many users does it have? Or is it in prototype mode? → Either is fine; just state clearly.
    3. Clearly articulating, in writing, the utopian and dystopian scenarios that could ensue if the technology scales.
    4. Clearly articulating, in writing, the relevant information about each prospective entrepreneur:
      1. Information will include: their origin story, what separates them and company and positions them as an innovator in their category, their ability as a storyteller, the willingness to talk about the unintended consequences of the technology.
  3. Pre-interviewing potential guests for the show - this includes both the entrepreneur and pundits who can offer sophisticated perspectives on the technologies.

Expected duration is 1 month. Commitment is expected at 40 hours a week during this period.


This is a contract position, based in downtown Manhattan. We’re committed to 50/50 gender balance, and diversity of all kinds — in our media properties, among our investors and on our team: women, minorities and anyone with an unconventional background are strongly encouraged to apply. Also, we only hire extremely nice people.

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